Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dapper little DUDE!

Okay, this is my cute little dude (and yes we call him that often.)  This is his new outfit that my Mommy and I made him. We made the hat using the same pattern Meg used here on her easter outfits for her boys. I LOVE this hat. He has three now, and more on the way.  The shirt we just used wonder under and zig-zagged the edges. And the old man pants are from an 85 cent McCall's pattern my mom still had from the super olden days!
We used Riley Blake all star line for this outfit. Love Riley Blake! I wish she was my friend and would send me scraps regularly!

I know! He is the cutest baby ever! This baby gets hundreds of kisses a day literately!  (70% from me, 20% sisters, and 10% daddy) So yummy!
I even kiss that drool! To be perfectly honest, I thought I only wanted a boy for my husband's sake. I imagined me and the four girls going to lunch, chic flicks, shopping, and what would my husband do? Then I had him, and who knew! He is the best! I didn't know I would be so in love! 
The old man pants are super cute! We made really deep pockets, and lined them in the star print. Nobody can see it, (including him) but at least I know his little pockets are full of stars and it makes me happy.

PS he is super popular when he wears this outfit!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Before and after kitchen pendants....

This my my BEFORE pendants over my kitchen island. I didn't like them for FIVE years!! They made me throw up in my mouth a little on a daily basis. (that could have been the dust on them, or the pregnancies) Builder basic brushed nickle and frosted glass.

Here are the afters:

I like these  MUCH better. I love the scrolly rod iron. And most of all I love the beaded old fashioned glass. Pretty!
We got see though light bulbs that look way better than frosted glass.

Sorry about the boring post. I have been a little slow on the crafting lately. I miss it desperately. The children have been off track, which leaves little time for crafting.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Bad Sister

See, I'm the bad sister.  We take turns posting, and it's my turn to do a few...well see the last post??  Over a week ago!  Heather and I are always talking about our blog, what we can post, what we can giveaway, how to get more followers...but execution on all these ideas is just so hard sometimes :)

I guess I can blame some of it on Easter, right?  Do you want to hear a tragic story?  Well I guess "tragic" in the context of crafting.  I have a new sewing machine that has been giving me problems since I began using it in has brought me to tears and cuss words too many times.  Well Saturday night, the night before my boy's will make their grand appearance in their Easter outfits, it stops working.
I was just making hats for them, and I had one loop around to finish my baby boy's hat, I had already finished my older boy's:
Cute hat huh?  Wouldn't it have been doubly cute on baby Oliver too?  Oh well, I get my machine fixed on Friday.  
(by the way, the hat pattern is by Izzy and Ivy designs: Jack n Jill Hat)

On to my next a friend and I are lucky enough to host a project night once a month.  We are part of a club for spouses of the school my husband attends...and we have LOTS of fun.  It's awesome because we get to decide what projects we do, so we poke all over blogland and Etsy and get to pick from all the adorable projects.  I especially like this month since we made fabric flowers.  Since I don't have a daughter, yet, I love doing girly things. We found this flower tutorial on Maize in Montana.  I love how they turned out, and who doesn't love a fabric covered button:
And the second flower we made I ADORE! They are my new faves.  (You can kinda see I'm wearing a GINORMOUS one in my Easter photo). They are cute 5 petal flowers and the tutorial was on Pink Paper Peppermints .  I like these so much because they are different than so many of the flowers that I've seen lately.  And they are equally cute using different fabrics as they are using the same:

There you go, that's what I've been slaving over.  Now I am the formerly bad sister :)

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Monday, April 5, 2010

A Grown-up Idea

Do you have a hard time finding a gift to make for grown-up people?  Because I do.  (And no, this isn't an infomercial).  When my friend celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago (Happy Birthday Gen!) I went scouring through blogs trying to find something I could make, and I came along these.

They were super easy to make and I love how they turned out!
Instead of using napkins, I made some cute designs in photoshop and printed them on to cardstock.
They were simple and inexpensive...the only thing that took time was the drying.  Her tutorial is great, so make sure to read hers if you're going to make them.  The basic idea is you mod podge paper to the front of the tiles and also over the top of the paper to seal it. Then hot glue corkboard to the bottoms.  And to finish, you spray with an acrylic sealer.
And yes, you can buy most of this (except tiles) at Walmart.  The finishing spray was with the craft things and the corkboard was in stationary!

Voila!  I am so happy to have a grown-up gift idea to add to the list. Linked at Today's Creative blog, Reinvented, Craft Edition, Silly Little Sparrow and soft place to land!