Friday, October 28, 2011

The 4 Year Old Quilt

Hi!  Welcome if you're visiting!  A quick little intro, my sister and I design quilt patterns and a little over a year ago we started Quilt Story.  Since then we don't blog as much as we want to here :(  But please stay, look around and then head over and see us at Quilt Story!

I decided I wanted to make quilts for my boys this year for their birthdays.  My Sawyer turned four on June 20th, so on my birthday May 24th I started his quilt!  At that time it was the fastest I finished a quilt until this quilt just recently.  I got Dino Dudes from Michael Miller at Natasha's Shop Skye Reve and knew this would be the perfect prints for a little guy.  I am so in love with color lately, I couldn't wait to get going.

It's square and the perfect size for a kid.  (I don't have the exact measurement in front of me and he's currently sleeping and snuggled in it!  But it's somewhere around 48" x 48")  When he opened it he said, "Oh, it's just a blanket."  But later he had more enthusiasm for me :)

It's a really simple and great pattern that we'll be adding to our shop in a couple of weeks.  If you'd like us to notify you when it's available let us know in the comments or email us at

I decided to do a focus square in the middle.  Those dinos are just too cute!  Plus I love fabrics that lend to fussy cutting.

I just did simple straight line quilting.

Sawyer picked out the backing.  I showed him a few minky fabrics that coordinated with the quilt top (he hadn't seen it) and asked him which his favorite was.  He chose red! I was really surprised, I don't do red a lot and I never do red for my boys ie clothes, decor, etc..  I am so much more of a blue/green girl.  But I am really happy that he took me out of my comfort zone!  (And I washed it probably ten times with white fabric swatches to be positive it wouldn't bleed.)

I don't have a full shot of the backing on this, totally spaced it.  I did get some snapshots though.  Through the center of the red minky on the back are more squares, then his name appliqued and a heartfelt quilt tag. I did a tutorial on the embroidered quilt label HERE.

\I went with orange dots for binding, I thought it fit in the colors but didn't stand out too much.

I just love this local park where I did the photo shoot.  I'm in Arizona so I get these lovely palm trees for my background.  This palm tree had the perfect notch to hang my quilt from. I think I'll be taking my next quilt here too!

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I hope you'll head over to Quilt Story and see our other quilt there, here's a little peak:

And thanks so much to Amy for hosting the festival!  You're the best!