Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Do you have a fabric project?

Do you have a fabric project from the past week?  We'd love for you to link up and share it on our Quiltstory blog.  Today I'm sharing my finished quilt top for my bedroom (finally)!

I cannot wait to get it back from my aunt and start to bind it.  It's a good throw size and it will lay across the end of my bed. 

Heather has been painting her little heart out all week, finishing up baby Weston's nursery.  You're gonna be blown away, seriously.  I can brag this much because she's my sister, right?!  Really she is quite talented, her finished rooms could be in magazines.  Do you remember Sophie's room??

I am so sorry if you just had to clean up the barf from all of your computer (out of cuteness of course).  Click here if you want to see that original post again!

Stay tuned, this week she will be sharing a major sneak peek of Mr. Wes' room!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Cute Photo Block tutorial...

1. Buy a block...(in Utah Woodworks sells a little kit with the block, bulldog clip and plastic slide thingy) Otherwise it is about 3.5 x 3.5 square block. Sanded, and edges are rounded a bit.

I just did a wash in black along the edges since they will be showing.

2. All the supplies you need are here.

3. Photos I ordered from Costco in smallish sizes. Cute scrapbook papers and a few embellishments. (roberts)

4. Invite Jeff Lewis along. (flipping out, bravo, funny!)

5. Cut papers just smaller than the square, about 3 and a quarter. Mod Podge down, add pics and mod podge on top of those too...

6. When it is all dry, glue on brads, ribbons, flowers etc. Mine is for my baby boy Weston. So no girly stuff.

7) Chipboard accents like the "W" are fun. Just mod podge cute papers on, and cut out with exacto knife. I did this to the checkers chipboard frame too...
Finished. Cute in a stack of three if I ever get to the other two.

I mounted the photo on chipboard for the bulldog clip. This is also fun to switch out the photo.

Finished! Hope you like.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lolly Jane!

Today we are blog swapping with two darling twin sisers Kelli and Kristi!  (Oh how we wish we were twins!!)  There blog is packed full of darling DIY projects and ideas.  Check out this darling argyle wall, or these adorable headbands (really just see how they made them!).  Today they are going to share another creative project just for us!  Please share the love and visit Lolly Jane boutique!

Hi Fresh Poppy Design fans! 
We are SO excited to be guest blogging with Heather and Megan today!  Our first blog swap...yippee! 
Our names are Kelli & Kristi, we are twin sisters livin in the Valley of the Sun {AZ!} who LoVe to create! 
We have a DIY blog, Lolly Jane boutique, named after Kel's nickname growing up {Kris couldn't pronounce Kelli so called her Lolly.. Jane is also Kel's middle name}.  We show off a variety of crafts weekly and today we're going to show you how to make art from a plain ol' canvas.
After seeing this cutie~pie idea at my sis in law's house,
I realized I had a blank canvas & a random wooden "S" sitting in my Goodwill pile. {Use your coupon at Michaels, Joanns, HobbyLobby for a smokin deal to get a canvas if ya don't have one lyin around.} 
At first I thought I'd alter the sweet dreams idea for my girl's room then thought,
"Hmm..my 7 yr old is grumpy about sharing a room with her 16 month old sister and sister starts with S so let's do a sister canvas!" 
First I painted the canvas pink, my older daughter's fav color.
Then I cut a stencil from my vinyl cutter.
{You could freehand or use Word for yours if you don't have a cutter}
Next I slapped it on the canvas & painted the exposed canvas brown:
Lastly, I filled in the hearts with different shades of green just because.
And now my older kiddo can be reminded how much she'll appreciate her little sis when the gap in their age lessens.  :)
There you have it.  A sample of what we love to do on our blog: share ideas with you! 
{Best part?-cost was FREE since I had everything on hand, love that.}
Hope you had fun with us and a MAJOR thanks to Heather & Megan for letting us steal a day away from their DARLING blog! 
:)Kelli & Kristi

Thanks girls!!  That's darling artwork and it looks sooo sweet.  Sisters are the best! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm thinking there's a giveaway

How would you like to win this?
melodies by exclusively quilters mint

or this?
melodies by exclusively quilters pink

You can! 
We are giving away these fat quarter bundles (2 yards total!!) to two lucky readers!  Our new advertiser, ladybug quilt shop, is oh so generous!!

Hop on over to QuiltStory where you can enter!!
It's easy peasy.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

That's an idea!

Welcome to another installment of
That's An Idea Thursday's!
Okay, well welcome to the first That's An Idea Thursday...
Maybe sometimes on Thursday we will share a simple idea.

Quick story behind it.
One of Heather's darling girls used to suggest some activity/project/whatnot and follow it with
"Is that an idea?"
Never specifying if it's a good or bad idea, just that it was an idea.

Moving to Phoenix a couple of months ago we found ourselves with a fireplace.
I know I know...why do they have fireplaces in Phoenix??
I didn't take a before photo, but it just had one of those blackened metal things in it to hold wood.

I played around with a few ideas.  At first I thought I'd get some big glass cylinders (whatever they're called) and do three across with some big fatty-boom-batty candles in them.
But that can be quite expensive.

Then I decided I would just fill it with random sized and off-white colored candles.
(Don't look too closely, they could be arranged a bit better!)
I got a "starter" candle set at Ikea for $10.
I think there were 5 of various heights.

The rest I had around my house and some I got from my cousin who was moving.
You could easily find some at a garage sale or a second hand store.

I like it too because when Christmas comes around and it's a crisp 66 degrees (hehe) we can light up all these candles while we prepare Santa's cookie plate.

Is that an idea??

linking to some fabulous parties, make sure you check them out!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Quilt finished! Hooray!

The pretty purple quilt is finished! That was a quick quilt for me. I am proud :)

If you want more pics and details...go check me out at QUILTSTORY today...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Burp in Style!

I made up a few gerber diaper burp clothes...super fun, easy and cute!  Just a little heat and bond, I did a straight stitch right close to the edge...

If your machine has the capability, play with the embroidery stitches. Makes is personal and a little extra cuteness doesn't hurt anything!

I used my funny little animal prints. Love how they turned out...

And if you think your baby only needs burp clothes for the first few months, I have been using these on my 3 year old girl. Yucky noses, faces etc. I think I will need them around for quite a while!

Hope you like! linking at amylouwho

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Gaggle of Geese

I'm getting closer....

Progress is being made for my quilt to go on the end of my bed.  I think I have as many flying geese as I need, eek! Now I just need to figure out my blocks and then the tough part...the layout, and more blocks, and whatnot.
Spoiler: Boring quilt talk 
Before I asked what kind of block everyone thought I should do.  And I'm a brat, because I went against what was suggested...I just had Dutchman's Puzzle in my head so long I couldn't see it otherwise.  I have been using this method mostly, it creates four geese at once and wastes no fabric and is sooo fast!  But for pieces that are not large enough I've been using this method.

I had decided I wanted brighter flying geese on the inner part of the block and lighter on the outside (layout #2).  I also decided to try doing each block by color (layout #1).
So there is an OBVIOUS winner right???  Layout #1 it is.

On to more exciting things....
2 features for us today!
Have you been to Life in the Fun Lane?  Who am I kidding, of course you have!
Okay, if it's slipped through you must go there if you are considering refinishing furniture.  Absolutely inspiring.

Today she's featuring my new tv console! :)

And another cute blog, Gen X Quilters is doing a little spotlight on me today.  Fun!
And I do use the phrase "scrumptious Panamanian" so you may have to go read that.

Thanks ladies!

I have to use movies to give myself a little motivation for working out. 
The last two days was The Young Victoria.
Loved it.
Wanted to watch it again.
And maybe one more time.
I ran into the office just to tell my husband about it.
So..you should see it too.

Guess what's a little embarrassing about this?  Heather and I are half Brits right?  Half English to be exact.  I've been to England three times.  I've done all the touristy things a couple of times.  Growing up my mom had a really posh coffee table book that was titled something like The Kings and Queens of England.
I didn't remember the story.
At all.
She is the longest reigning sovereign of England.
Don't tell my dad.

Phew.  I don't think I have rambled so much or linked as much in a post.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No. I. Didn't.

We moved.  And had to leave behind our entertainment center.  And we wanted a new TV.  What's this a recipe for?  Compulsive refreshing on craig's list. 
(There are hundreds of posts of furniture in my area daily!!)

So I snatched this little gem up.  We wanted something that was tall so our boys couldn't get to the tv, check.  (The power button on this tv has been snapped off from repeated torture.)  We also wanted something with storage, check.  We wanted something sturdy, solid oak, check.  Oh and something that I could paint, check.  And cheap, check.

Afters many hours and extreme heat, I give you our new tv console:
(because console is way cooler than entertainment center)

Okay, I love it.  So much cleaner, fresh and happy than before and DEFINITELY better than the card table we were using.

Here's what I did.

I purchased everything at Lowe's.  (No I was not paid to say that, but desperately wish that I was!)

  • removed doors and all hardware
  • cleaned everything with soapy water and dried
  • applied Klean-Strip Sander Deglosser, twice (left)
  • one coat of Valspar Primer (latex)
  • two coats of Valspar Glossy paint, color Du Jour (latex)
  • attached new hardware
  • hot glued in fabric
  • adorned with extra large tv

oh, and I spray painted my hinges black!  I didn't want to mess with trying to find the right size.
Let's talk about this fabric.
Before the insert was embossed glass with designs...not my style and hard to cover.

I thought a lot about what I would use to cover those doors, and though initially I thought fabric, I kept it deep down for fear of being mocked for my dumb idea :) 

One magical night, soon after it had dried, I teasingly placed a piece of fabric over the empty space.
{insert heavenly choir}
Not only did I LOVE the look....but remotes work through fabric!!!

The long and short of it is, I cut a piece of fabric about 1 inch larger in width and height than the size of the hole.  I would squirt a section of hot glue with my left hand and follow with my right hand adhering the fabric.  In the end I went around and trimmed the excess fabric.  Eventually I'd like to get some trim or piping and glue it around the inside edge to give it a more finished look.

Originally the right side was intended for a tv.  We're using it for more storage.

These boxes are from Ikea.  They are made to fit about 15 dvds each, it is $5 for 2 boxes.

There you have it!  I have another painting project (kitchen table and chairs) and I've got all the stuff....but I need a painting hiatus.

I will definitely be linking this project up!  Make sure to check out these parties!