Saturday, March 28, 2009

Baby Blocks

These are baby blocks I've started making as little gifts. Aren't they fab? It's made of six 5" squares, with ribbons in between four of them. There is a bag in the middle of this one so it will crinkle when she plays with it. I always want my kids to be playing with adorable toys, although inevitably they end up being plastic, bright, obnoxious, because that's what they love...but they can have a few sweet toys as babies right? My son loves balls, any kind of ball, and I've seen some crochet ones maybe I'll venture into making for him so they're "cute" balls. What kinds of toys are your kids loving, whether cute or ugly?

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Kristin said...
Count me in! So creative.
March 18, 2009 5:54 PM

Thank you all for participating. Kristin, we've commented on your blog, please contact us via our email address, and let us know which three patterns you've chosen!

And for the rest of you, we will be having another fabulous giveaway you won't want to miss starting Easter weekend using some of this fabric:

But check back between now and then, we promise some more fabulous crafty posts!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cute Dresses I made!

I have been in such a creative mood lately! (I believe my nesting comes in the form of creating or finishing projects...Oh well, if that what happens, it is just natural right? I should be cleaning and going through closets, but my body says craft..craft...craft....) For those of you who don't know, I am pregnant with my fifth and final, and we are having a boy! (we have 4 daughters!)... Anyhow, this is what I got done, and I LOVE them!

Nadine from Material girls was offering this Free Spirit Darla line for 33% off, and I went and bought tons! I have been wanting some, but when she had the sale, I had to go get lots and lots! Hopefully you will see alot of crafts from this fabric...

This is the Claire Peasant Dress from Sandi Henderson. LOVE IT! I was SO scared of the shirring, but it is SUPER easy and worked way better than I thought. If you are scared of it, don't be. Sandi has a great tutorial on her website

But how much cuter is it with this silly girl in it???

She makes EVERYTHING cuter!

So what cute clothing projects have YOU made, or do you aspire to make?

PS Scroll down to our giveaway which is still going on...

Sophie's crib...

Here is Sophie's crib. Dallan spray painted it, and the chandelier. This nursery took us several months, but it is officially finished!!! Sophie's nursery is done! this is one GIANT craft project, nearly everything in here I made myself or with the help of others. Here is the full photo...

The cute chandelier was a gift from Mommy, and I spray painted it pink, it makes a huge difference in the room, I want one for all my girls. The photos on the wall I took myself, I made the toole canopy with a hoola hoop and Sophie's left over bedding fabric.

I made all the Bedding (minus the sheet) Dallan's mom made the crib skirt, Dallan and I painted the crib pink. The perfect rug is from Costco (only $50).

Dallan and I did the wallpaper and trim. I have never heard so many cuss words come out of my sweet husband's mouth!

My Mommy made all these pillows from my left over quilt fabric. Bless her heart. I would never have done them. I was so burned out on the Sophie quilt that I finished a month before she was fast as I could!

Here is Sophie's quilt, it is still my favorite quilt I have ever made, thus far... but I LOVE everything about it. I want to keep it away from her so she doesn't ruin it, but I let her sleep with it because she looks so cute in her crib with it...

My Mommy and I made this window treatment for Addison, but when I did Sophie's bedroom, it matched perfectly with the wallpaper. So I kept it for Soph.

The very last detail, this lamp. Megan and I went crazy making these roses out of coffee filters. (I know you all think I must have tons of spare time on my hands) Anyhow, I loved how it turned out. Here is the link to the instructions we used from Martha Stewart.
Hope you all like this room. Lots of hours, blood, sweat and tears went into finishing it.
We are linking to missmustardseed fun furniture friday :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Fresh Poppy Giveaway!!!

Hi to all who are visiting from Heather Bailey's site. We hope you like it here! And to encourage you to come back often, we are having a giveaway! All you have to do is leave us a comment here, and in 2 weeks we will use a random generator to select a winner!!!

The winner will receive 3 Fresh Poppy Design quilt patterns, nearly a $30 value! You can select the three patterns you would like. (Check out our slide show on our sidebar for our patterns.)

Thanks for visiting and good luck!
(Also, if you reference this giveaway on your blog, make sure to say so in your comment, and you will be entered twice!)

One Favorite tool...

Okay, we LOVE Roxanne's Glue-Baste-it. It is perfect for all the applique we do. While appliqueing quilts and shirts, this glue makes it so easy! Especially all those small pieces. It sticks great, but washes out without any problems. So you don't need to secure your pieces with a ton of pins, and then have to work around them on your sewing machine. We definitely love this! Also, that cute jar that my ric rac is in, is from Making Memories. It looks like a cute canning jar, but it is plastic. They come in all sorts of sizes, and it is so easy to see all the embellishments you have for all your crafting projects.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Memory Box

You know the butter cookie tins from the holidays? Well my mom learned from her mom that they make great storage, and she's right! Of course, I had to spruce it up a bit...We LOVE modge Podge...and This is the year is having a modge podge party, check her out...Materials: Mod Podge, foam brush, cute fabric, fusible web (to make the letters stiff and easier to cut) and cute tiny baby memorabilia. Inside I have my newborn Ollie's little memories started. Many more to come...
PS We've linked up to A Soft Place To Land, and trash to treasure go check it out!