Friday, October 31, 2008

cute nummy pumpkins

Hi all, these cute pumpkins are edible, super easy to make and fun for the kids. Just get 1 bag Peanut butter chips, one store bought vanilla frosting, stick pretzels, oreos and some orange food coloring (not the liquid, but gel coloring works best.) Melt the chips on low heat, once they are completely melted, take off the burner, then mix in the food coloring and the frosting. Put in the fridge for about an hour. While it is cooling in the fridge, crush the oreos, then place them in a cute platter. Once the mixture is cool, roll into 1" balls. Stick a peice of a pretzel in the tops, with a toothpick or knife draw the lines in the pumpkin. Place in the dirt. Done. Cute and fun. I did make a frosting mixture and turned it green and added the green to the top, this doesn't need to be done, but makes a nice finishing touch. Have fun!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My purdy roses...

Just wanted to post a pic of my pretty garden flowers. I saw them out back in my weedy (is that a word) flower bed. And I thought thy would look much prettier in my home on my table. So I asked my mommy if that was acceptable (I still need my mother's approval on basic things) and she told me yes I should! So we went and chopped several of the roses. My five year old Addie finished chopping off the rest of the roses later in the afternoon, (of course not bothering to ask me for approval!) So my flower bushes outside are ugly, but this vase in my table is very cute!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Christmas Quilt Patterns are here!

We did it...again! We've designed, written and finished our Christmas patterns! Deck the Halls is made with Moda's Merry and Bright Christmas fabrics. It has three adorable ornaments hanging from the top and we kinda love it! We also finished Oh Christmas Tree and you can personalize it with a cute monogram! These are both great patterns, because they have applique and piecing but are pretty easy to make, we think! We're once again debuting them in Material Girls Quilts in South Jordan, Utah. And, while our site is under construction, we are setting up an Etsy shop to make them available for purchase online. Thanks for looking, we hope you LOVE!
PS Thanks in advance for your wonderful comments ranting and raving about how fab you think they are :)