Monday, September 28, 2009

A fab gift

Just a Girl is having a "I can make that!" linky party, so go link up and see all the fun things people can do!
I don't know how to craft without mod podge. And, I love me a notebook. Using scrappy paper I took a 70 cent notebook and personalized it. The tin is a paint can, (you can get empty ones from Home Depot in quart or gallon) and it also has scrappy paper mod podged too. It's that simple! Throw on few ribbons and a cute label! A trick I've found? Anytime I'm piling on the ribbons for that messy look, tulle is a fabulous way to go, it looks great and cost is cheap. Also cut strips of fabric and leave the edges raw. It's much more inexpensive than ribbon and gives it great texture.
PERSONALIZE it! Here I used it for a group project as a time capsule of sorts to store memorabilia from the year, movie tickets, pamphlets, etc. and a journal. You could turn this into Baby's First Year, a child's art notebook and pencil holder...endless possibilities!
PS If you want anymore specifics on how-to, let us know!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I think they're cute...

Spoiler alert, major show-off.

The knitting obsession continues. Heather, I thought we were quilters? See, I do have two little boys, for some reason people think I have a daughter the same age as Oliver...
I hope I never stop making these hats! I love 'em!
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Enjoy Chickens

Do you ever become obsessed with a craft idea? Heather and me? All the time. Then once you've finished said project, you find excuses to go into the room just to look at your work. Well, in my case I don't even look for excuses, I'll just stop in the middle of doing something and go look at it with no shame.
The start of the mom made me a really cute table runner. At first I really liked it, but once I got it home and on my table I realized I LOVED it. I never pick out such bright colors and it just made me happy.
My obsession turns into a new focal wall. I had a painting in my kitchen that I hate(d). So now I will have a new wall, centered around my table runner. What the heck, let's mod podge some wooden letters with coordinating papers.

Hmm...I need more, pizazz. I turn to my new favorite decor item, CHICKENS (more on them later)! And my new favorite crafty material, FELT. Using the same funky colors I put together some art for my new wall.

And, here you have it!

Okay, I gotta go look at it again.
PS If anyone wants more specifics on how to, let me know, I'd love you fill you in ;)

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Monday, September 7, 2009


Hope you liked our craft a thon these last few days. We love if we inspire anyone. And we love getting props for our creations. We thrive on approval of others!Let us know what you want to see and we will get on it immediately! Thanks for everyone of you who comes to visit our blog and all your support :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

decoupage frames

These are unfinished wood frames from Roberts craft. They are 12x12 so they fit scrap book papers perfectly. We just decoupaged these frames added paper, put another layer of decoupage on top. Then add embellishments like rhinestones and trims to make them 3-D and pretty. Fast craft, and great gift idea.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

TuTu cute!

Okay, here are some cutie, patutie tutus! We got about a yard and half of tulle. Folded it in thirds length wise, then put flower petals inside. We serged the ends adn top together, then put in the elastic. The flowere are hot glued to ribbon, then sewn through the elastic waist band. I know these are horrible directions, and if I ever make another I will take more photos and give you step by step directions.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Here is another craft for all seasons! We found these fantabulous recipe boxes at a craft store in cali a couple years ago...we made several of these too, great gifts. We just used cute scrappy papers and decoupaged them on, and trims like ric rac and pom poms... I think glue guns worked best for the trim. Fun craft :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pretty purses...

This if for a cute website that does a sew and tell friday Amylouwho . Hope you like these bags.
I found a little stash of photos of crafts that Megan and I made a couple years ago. See we go into phases with our crafting. Actually addictions would be a better word. When we made purses, me and megan and my mom all went crazy. One weekend we made about 15 purses. We asked our Dad which one was the very cutest of all. He said "I won't do that, that is mean, but I will rank them from best to worst?" I don't know his reasoning there, but we let him rank them. If I remember correctly, Megans were in the top positions, and moms were in the middle, and mine were mostly in the bottom...sad!!! Anyhow, here are just some of the many many we made.

If you were not awarw of our current addiction, it is knitting, be prepared for many posts of cute hats and chickens?...