Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Late Christmas mantle decor and stockings...

Okay, I am not going to go into it, but I was not the most prepared Christmas decorator/blogger this year. I just got behind and couldn't catch up. I didn't get out a lot I normally do to decorate, but enough that it looked like Christmas and the kids didn't seem to notice. Lesson learned!

Anyhow, I still wanted to post these stockings, better late than ever.

As Megan said, we grew up with stockings like these. The last couple of years I had wanted to make them, but I only think of in in December. This year when my parents selfishly went on another vacation, my older sister Amy and I crashed their house again. We sent them text messages with pics of what how much we were trashing their house, and how they could do nothing about it. And I mean trashed! Amy and I like to make our mess and then clean up at the end (I mean end of the weekend.) It took us nearly 2 hours to clean up. Pathetic! We also enjoyed many murder shows and Bravo show marathons. FUN. After a whole weekend (minus a break for a triple feature) I barely finished mine. It was a lot of work. Amy has 10 children, so she didn't even come close. In the end I LOVE how they turned out. They have been hanging since I brought them home late October. The kids love them. I decided I would rather have them have a connection to their stocking, rather than the most gorgeous stocking that matched my room decor...

When are you going on vacation again M & D?

Here is our little family. We are a little outnumbered with girls, but thanks for little dude on the end to try to get the numbers more even. Bless his little heart, I feel bad for whoever he marries one day. I wonder if my girls will be nice. (I told my husband I want Wes to become a Co-dependant mama's boy when he grows up, he got mad at me, don't all Mom's want that for their little boys?)

Here is my simple Christmas mantle. I think I like it at least as much as last years, but this year was much easier for sure!

Can you find little Clarise joining us in this photo? Cute?
Okay, I got some clearance garland last year at Christmas, and it was perfect for my chandelier.  I think I may keep it up, it is super pretty and sparkly huh?

Thats all, sorry for the slacking of posting on this site. Megan and I have been busy with our quilting. Too much crafting to do, not enough time.