Thursday, August 20, 2009

My beautiful living room

This is my living room. It seems like every room in my house is "almost" done, and I never seem to finish. So there are definitely things I want to change about this room, but I am mostly happy with it.
Okay, here goes. Sofa and love seat from a discount furniture store for $600. The pillows around the room and table runner all sewn by me or my mommy. These are somethings I am wanting to update a little, but who knows when I will get to it. The coffee table was purchased for $80 (regularly $500) from the RC willy outlet. It is solid wood and it was stained dark, and I go and paint it white. I haven't liked the white paint too much, and now I wish it was dark to go with our new piano.

Fabric for window panels $3 per yard. (wish I got more.) Molding around the room, fab husband. Plus cost from home depot for supplies.
Okay, this is a dresser, but it worked so well in this room. Cost $150 from RC Willey outlet (steal!). I want to change the knobs out to crystal one day... Frames on top, Hobby Lobby. Plus one I decoupaged. I made the frame on the wall, and I am not super happy with it. (and I know it needs to be repositioned...again one day...

Chairs on each side of the piano, $45 each. RC willey. Regularly over @100 each. I painted them and recovered in prettier fabrics.

Piano...the most expensive thing we have bought in our married life (besides home and cars.) Wall art, all three peices from TJ maxx. I paid $50 for the center roses, and $15 each for the iron work on the sides.
And is that a little tiny baby on top? Why yes it is, my sweet brand new baby...priceless....(ahhh, couldn't see that one coming. No seriously, my two year old is for free, but this little guy, he is not for sale!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Azure, Barnwood and Terra Cotta

This is apparently my new favorite color combination. Looking at this fabric makes me happy. I also decided I'm done with brown as my go-to neutral and in with gray. Could I be more trendy? I picked up a few of these fabrics, Deer Valley by Joel Dewberry for Free Spirit to do my room in and I am so excited! I love everything about them, especially the second print down is fabulous, birds and all. What color combinations are you guys loving? I feel really trendy because I used to hate orange, but now, of course, I love it :) Burnt orange though, does that count?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hat maker hat maker..

What "in" courages us? Creating with our own 2 hands.
I went to visit Heather in Utah for 7 weeks and became a hat maker such as she is. How I adore knitting tiny baby hats!! Recently I had two friends have baby showers for sweet baby girls, and here are two hats I made from the same yarn. I love how they turned out!

Isn't she so sweet?!? Okay, it's my son. I don't have a baby girl :( When I was taking these photos, my husband opened the window and yelled from our room "Don't worry Meg, one day you'll have a baby girl." He better be right. I hope he doesn't mind these are in blog land. Sorry Oliver, but you are pretty adorable.

And speaking of babies, my partner in designing, quilting, crafting, gossiping, Heather had her 5th child, July 23rd. Her ONLY baby boy, Weston.
love you :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

We're crazy

We're crazy, it's official. I have to say, the patterns from the ladies of LizzieB Cre8tive really were the first quilts we saw and thought that quilting isn't all for grandma's. The first applique project we EVER started, thanks to Heather, is their pattern Piece, Love and Applique. Notice, I didn't say finish. I have a few squares done, here they are:

Like I said, it's the first applique and one of the first quilts I started doing! Since starting this I've probably made 15 quilts in between, so who knows when I'll finish this.

The BEST part, Heather decided to do the applique all by hand. Seriously.