Monday, August 3, 2009

We're crazy

We're crazy, it's official. I have to say, the patterns from the ladies of LizzieB Cre8tive really were the first quilts we saw and thought that quilting isn't all for grandma's. The first applique project we EVER started, thanks to Heather, is their pattern Piece, Love and Applique. Notice, I didn't say finish. I have a few squares done, here they are:

Like I said, it's the first applique and one of the first quilts I started doing! Since starting this I've probably made 15 quilts in between, so who knows when I'll finish this.

The BEST part, Heather decided to do the applique all by hand. Seriously.


Fresh Poppy Sisters said...

Darling! can't wait til you finish it. I don't think I will ever finish mine, unless I switch to machine applique. Because if I have a sit down project, I want to knit (at least right now.) Love yours!

Tricia Anne said...

Your applique is precious! I have yet to try that for myself, I am still a bit of a newby! :o) I really like yours!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne