Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Eeek-a-licious!  Has it been that long since we posted??  We've been busy with our upcoming Block Party (join!) and with market coming this spring, Heather and I have been working our little hands as fast as we can trying to prepare.  I have a couple of sneak peeks to share today, hope it looks fun to you!

We moved this last summer and with moving comes new design opportunities (and challenges).  I love the excuse of getting to do something new, I guess that's a good part of moving.  I am making over my kitchen completely, and so far I love it!  Since we're in a rental, changing light fixtures, cabinetry and flooring isn't an option...but I am so happy that our new place is really nice and up to date, that helps a lot.

I've painted my table and chairs. L-O-V-E!  I have a problem with aqua, I have it everywhere.  I decided to paint the table a really soft blue and the chairs white.  I kinda adore it.  Only time will tell how it holds up, I hope it does okay though!!

And new window treatments.  I've obviously decided to go with aqua and red, and really if I'm going to be bold and cheery, the kitchen is the place to do it!  (Right??)  I've ended my two and a half year stand-off with the color red and have welcomed it back into my life with open arms! :)  I think we'll get along this time.

I've been considering adding a giant piece of red ric-rac along the bottom, what do you think?  I'm currently working on a clock for the space and soon a table runner and maybe a quilted wall hanging?  So I'm ambitious, but I'm hoping to fit things in here and there and get it all "done" in the next month or so.

And a sneak peek at some new projects:

This is all part of a new baby pattern that I'm finishing up writing and will be available in our shop soon.  It's not a quilt which is new for us, but I think it will be really fun and useful.  Just looking at all those happy baby fabrics makes me smile :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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