Monday, September 28, 2009

A fab gift

Just a Girl is having a "I can make that!" linky party, so go link up and see all the fun things people can do!
I don't know how to craft without mod podge. And, I love me a notebook. Using scrappy paper I took a 70 cent notebook and personalized it. The tin is a paint can, (you can get empty ones from Home Depot in quart or gallon) and it also has scrappy paper mod podged too. It's that simple! Throw on few ribbons and a cute label! A trick I've found? Anytime I'm piling on the ribbons for that messy look, tulle is a fabulous way to go, it looks great and cost is cheap. Also cut strips of fabric and leave the edges raw. It's much more inexpensive than ribbon and gives it great texture.
PERSONALIZE it! Here I used it for a group project as a time capsule of sorts to store memorabilia from the year, movie tickets, pamphlets, etc. and a journal. You could turn this into Baby's First Year, a child's art notebook and pencil holder...endless possibilities!
PS If you want anymore specifics on how-to, let us know!!


kwiltmakr said...

What a great idea. That would dress up a desk too or sewing area if the can were smaller.

Amy said...

So super cute! Fantastic inexpensive gift idea too!

Sara said...

i looked for those notebooks at walmart but didn't see them. i love this!

Morgan said...

So...if I could have one thing right not, it would be your skills. And all your scrapbook paper, which I don't have a lot of, and couldn't ever have enough of. I'm pretty much obsessed with your addictions. I can do stuff, but your creations are AMAZING AND ADORABLE AND I'm sooooo happy now that I have seen this website.
PS I'm not really scary and weird...I just love what you have done A LOT. :)

FIFI said...

super adorable meg...Makes me want to make some. And I never made the cute paint can thing. I thing that is great for all the little knick knacks in a craft room. I will give it a try!

Linda said...

What a cool idea you have here...thanks soooo much for sharing! Hope you have a super FUN week!


Chris said...

I love this idea. What a GREAT gift to give!