Thursday, October 16, 2008

Christmas Quilt Patterns are here!

We did it...again! We've designed, written and finished our Christmas patterns! Deck the Halls is made with Moda's Merry and Bright Christmas fabrics. It has three adorable ornaments hanging from the top and we kinda love it! We also finished Oh Christmas Tree and you can personalize it with a cute monogram! These are both great patterns, because they have applique and piecing but are pretty easy to make, we think! We're once again debuting them in Material Girls Quilts in South Jordan, Utah. And, while our site is under construction, we are setting up an Etsy shop to make them available for purchase online. Thanks for looking, we hope you LOVE!
PS Thanks in advance for your wonderful comments ranting and raving about how fab you think they are :)


Heather said...

Okay, they are cute, lets be honest. They are at the shop, not on the wall yet, but hopefully soon. I still like yours best, and I really mean it. Maybe you will give it to me for christmas!

Megan said...

So now I have to give you Tutu Pretty if I have a third boy and my Christmas quilt? I would take yours, but you made sure I couldn't by putting an "A" on it. So I think you need to work on a boy quilt for me! And yes, they are fab, I'll admit it too!

grammajill said...

Are those fabrics available at Material Girls? I love them both! I just finished your bird pattern for my twin girls born two weeks ago. One in pink and one in green. LOVE THEM!!
Thanks so much for your patterns!
You're so talented!

Kim said...

I LOVE THOSE!!! You guys are awesome!

Jennica said...

So cute! Love them both!!! I went to material girls a few weeks ago and saw your stuff hanging. They are SO cute! You girls are talented.