Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lolly Jane!

Today we are blog swapping with two darling twin sisers Kelli and Kristi!  (Oh how we wish we were twins!!)  There blog is packed full of darling DIY projects and ideas.  Check out this darling argyle wall, or these adorable headbands (really just see how they made them!).  Today they are going to share another creative project just for us!  Please share the love and visit Lolly Jane boutique!

Hi Fresh Poppy Design fans! 
We are SO excited to be guest blogging with Heather and Megan today!  Our first blog swap...yippee! 
Our names are Kelli & Kristi, we are twin sisters livin in the Valley of the Sun {AZ!} who LoVe to create! 
We have a DIY blog, Lolly Jane boutique, named after Kel's nickname growing up {Kris couldn't pronounce Kelli so called her Lolly.. Jane is also Kel's middle name}.  We show off a variety of crafts weekly and today we're going to show you how to make art from a plain ol' canvas.
After seeing this cutie~pie idea at my sis in law's house,
I realized I had a blank canvas & a random wooden "S" sitting in my Goodwill pile. {Use your coupon at Michaels, Joanns, HobbyLobby for a smokin deal to get a canvas if ya don't have one lyin around.} 
At first I thought I'd alter the sweet dreams idea for my girl's room then thought,
"Hmm..my 7 yr old is grumpy about sharing a room with her 16 month old sister and sister starts with S so let's do a sister canvas!" 
First I painted the canvas pink, my older daughter's fav color.
Then I cut a stencil from my vinyl cutter.
{You could freehand or use Word for yours if you don't have a cutter}
Next I slapped it on the canvas & painted the exposed canvas brown:
Lastly, I filled in the hearts with different shades of green just because.
And now my older kiddo can be reminded how much she'll appreciate her little sis when the gap in their age lessens.  :)
There you have it.  A sample of what we love to do on our blog: share ideas with you! 
{Best part?-cost was FREE since I had everything on hand, love that.}
Hope you had fun with us and a MAJOR thanks to Heather & Megan for letting us steal a day away from their DARLING blog! 
:)Kelli & Kristi

Thanks girls!!  That's darling artwork and it looks sooo sweet.  Sisters are the best! :)


SewSara said...

i always wanted a sister!

that's super cute :)

Lolly Jane said...

having sisters IS the best. ;)

THANKS for letting us guest blog, ladies!

:)Kelli & Kristi

dan and ashley said...

that's a really fun idea. found ya at lolly jane, your blog is super cute!

The {Prince} Family said...

that's a cute canvas.

ok so i'm here from lolly jane and i really really love that console. my new goal is to find one and copy it. thanks for the idear!

Parker Jane Boutique said...

cute site! new follower. :)

~quiltedbydawn~ said...

Very cute! Makes me think it's time for me to invest in a Cricut or Silhouette soon. :)

By the way, since I was so happy about winning a quilt pattern on your post, I just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know I will be hosting a giveaway of a fabulous book soon. Be sure to check it out. :)


K.E.N said...

Really, really cute!