Thursday, August 19, 2010

That's an idea!

Welcome to another installment of
That's An Idea Thursday's!
Okay, well welcome to the first That's An Idea Thursday...
Maybe sometimes on Thursday we will share a simple idea.

Quick story behind it.
One of Heather's darling girls used to suggest some activity/project/whatnot and follow it with
"Is that an idea?"
Never specifying if it's a good or bad idea, just that it was an idea.

Moving to Phoenix a couple of months ago we found ourselves with a fireplace.
I know I know...why do they have fireplaces in Phoenix??
I didn't take a before photo, but it just had one of those blackened metal things in it to hold wood.

I played around with a few ideas.  At first I thought I'd get some big glass cylinders (whatever they're called) and do three across with some big fatty-boom-batty candles in them.
But that can be quite expensive.

Then I decided I would just fill it with random sized and off-white colored candles.
(Don't look too closely, they could be arranged a bit better!)
I got a "starter" candle set at Ikea for $10.
I think there were 5 of various heights.

The rest I had around my house and some I got from my cousin who was moving.
You could easily find some at a garage sale or a second hand store.

I like it too because when Christmas comes around and it's a crisp 66 degrees (hehe) we can light up all these candles while we prepare Santa's cookie plate.

Is that an idea??

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Megan said...

Jonah says the same thing.
Your house looks so clean. Not that it looked dirty before. Good idea.

AnneMarie said...

Props for using "fatty-boom-batty" in a blog post! HA!

AZ Mommy said...

I don't understand the whole fireplace in phoenix either, especially since we have so many No-burn days.
Our first house had a fire place, during Christmas time we hung Christmas lights in there.

Humble Housekeeping said...

I love it. I'm sure it looks awesome when they're all lit, too. Coming over from Girl Creative...I'm your newest follower!

Michelle Underwood said...

Love the idea! Came from New Friend Fridays at The Girl Creative.

Heather said...

SUper cute! you should be a home stager. Fabulous and cute and pretty. The only thing you need is a chandelier in your mirror reflection and not a fan :)

Michele said...

lovely! and totally safe too cause they're going to be burning in an actual place for fire!

grammajill said...

Great idea! I love it! Do your boys leave the alone? The mirror in the reflection is a perfect "picture" of

grammajill said...

What is the "ga" for????

SewSara said...

that IS an idea!
i think it looks really cute.
and that IS weird that you have a fireplace in AZ .... hmm.

see you s-o-o-n!!!
where are we going to eat first? ;)