Friday, August 6, 2010

A Gaggle of Geese

I'm getting closer....

Progress is being made for my quilt to go on the end of my bed.  I think I have as many flying geese as I need, eek! Now I just need to figure out my blocks and then the tough part...the layout, and more blocks, and whatnot.
Spoiler: Boring quilt talk 
Before I asked what kind of block everyone thought I should do.  And I'm a brat, because I went against what was suggested...I just had Dutchman's Puzzle in my head so long I couldn't see it otherwise.  I have been using this method mostly, it creates four geese at once and wastes no fabric and is sooo fast!  But for pieces that are not large enough I've been using this method.

I had decided I wanted brighter flying geese on the inner part of the block and lighter on the outside (layout #2).  I also decided to try doing each block by color (layout #1).
So there is an OBVIOUS winner right???  Layout #1 it is.

On to more exciting things....
2 features for us today!
Have you been to Life in the Fun Lane?  Who am I kidding, of course you have!
Okay, if it's slipped through you must go there if you are considering refinishing furniture.  Absolutely inspiring.

Today she's featuring my new tv console! :)

And another cute blog, Gen X Quilters is doing a little spotlight on me today.  Fun!
And I do use the phrase "scrumptious Panamanian" so you may have to go read that.

Thanks ladies!

I have to use movies to give myself a little motivation for working out. 
The last two days was The Young Victoria.
Loved it.
Wanted to watch it again.
And maybe one more time.
I ran into the office just to tell my husband about it. should see it too.

Guess what's a little embarrassing about this?  Heather and I are half Brits right?  Half English to be exact.  I've been to England three times.  I've done all the touristy things a couple of times.  Growing up my mom had a really posh coffee table book that was titled something like The Kings and Queens of England.
I didn't remember the story.
At all.
She is the longest reigning sovereign of England.
Don't tell my dad.

Phew.  I don't think I have rambled so much or linked as much in a post.


SewSara said...

i liked this post so much!
it was like hanging out with you and jumping from topic to topic (i totally followed of course).

miss and love u!!
see you in 21 days :)

Heather said...

Love the cute blocks! cutie patootie :)

Lolly Jane said...
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Lolly Jane said...

Can't wait to see the end result of the quilt!

And we are LoViNg the new TV console... I want to toss mine and start over ;)

We did a shout-out to you on our latest post! I love that my stand turned out {almost} as cute as yours... phew! If you're interested in guest blogging, we'd love to have you gals! :)

Kristi&Kelli @ LollyJane

grammajill said...

Love the colors and hte layout!