Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Do you have a fabric project?

Do you have a fabric project from the past week?  We'd love for you to link up and share it on our Quiltstory blog.  Today I'm sharing my finished quilt top for my bedroom (finally)!

I cannot wait to get it back from my aunt and start to bind it.  It's a good throw size and it will lay across the end of my bed. 

Heather has been painting her little heart out all week, finishing up baby Weston's nursery.  You're gonna be blown away, seriously.  I can brag this much because she's my sister, right?!  Really she is quite talented, her finished rooms could be in magazines.  Do you remember Sophie's room??

I am so sorry if you just had to clean up the barf from all of your computer (out of cuteness of course).  Click here if you want to see that original post again!

Stay tuned, this week she will be sharing a major sneak peek of Mr. Wes' room!


Crystal said...

I don't have a fabric project, but I wanted to say how beautiful your quilt is!!! Serious talent right there.
Miss you, Megan!

Jenn said...

That seriously looks like a doll house room. Utterly sweet.