Monday, February 2, 2009

A little Sneak peak!

Okay, we apoligize for being crappy blogging girls! We know nobody will ever come here if we post once a month. So from here on out you will get at least one post a week. PROMISE! Anyhow, I just wanted to show a quick sneak peak of my craft room (I tried to call it my studio, but just couldn't do it!). This chandelier I stole from my sis in laws wedding, sprayed it black and added crystals. Cute? The shelves in the background involve a fabulous husband, but I will get to those when I get them loaded up and organized cute. I painted the walls a taupey pink, some might call that color mauve, but I refuse to use that word unless it is 1998! So we will go with taupey pink. They turned out fab, but it did involve 3 retints at home depot because I was so afraid of having a "pink" room right off the kitchen. And yes, the most fabulous part of all is that this room is right off the kitchen! Is that not every girls dream??? I had to wait several years for this, but it is finally a reality, and it is about a month from being able to show everyone the whole room! So hope this is good enough for now.


Wendy said...

looks like fun heather, can't wait to see the finished project.

Amy said...

L*U*C*K*Y!!! I's gorge!

Gagan said...

Hate you, love you, all the is going to be soooooo cute! You are going to be one of the people that we curse in blog land :)