Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bliss Easter Dresses and Vest for the dude!

My Mother in law is the best! She made these darling Easter dresses (and vest for Wes) for my family!
How nice is she? 
sadly, and not surprisingly this was the best family shot I got!

They look like they are nice and innocent and sweet children. They are not!  Sophie is the feistiest 3 three year old on the planet, don't let the daintiness and cuteness fool you. Wes, okay, he is innocent and sweet!
and snuggly! little Pup Pup, just as sweet as she looks!

This is "best friend Addie"  she gets at least 20 birthday invites a year! Her social life is exhausting!

We call him Moose or Moose head.  Love the vest!

This girl grew about 4 inches this year! Gorgeous!  Love her!

Some may think I take advantage of my Mother in Law, but she says she feels cheated if she doesn't get to sew everyday. And she says when she makes the little dresses, she imagines her grandkids in them.  So I will continue to provide her opportunities to sew!


Fabric credit: Bliss
Pattern Credit: Simplicity Hannah Montana 3515
Sandi Henderson: gracie
Vest, Simplicity 5366


kwiltmakr said...


gag7949 said...

You have a beautiful family and, speaking as a grandmother, sewing for the grands is a privelege and lots of fun! Hoppy Easter!

CHRIS said...

Hello, they are the cutest dresses ever. Gorgeous family photos too you are lucky to get them all in the one shot at the one time- just perfect Chris.

SewSara said...

oh yay i'm glad you posted these pics!! SOOOO CUTE!!! i was wondering how they turned out cuz i remember when you were sending it all off. i wish my MIL would sew my kids stuff! i was up most of the night finishing my kids' blasted easter clothes. And I used that same pattern for Max's vest! It was the best one I could find but i'm not very happy with how it turned out. It seemed too short on him, even though i measured him for size and everything! i'll post pics on my blog soon.

Dorian said...

Darling!! just darling. Your kids are so much fun looking. LOL, and lovely!

AZ Mommy said...

Where were those pictures taken?

Funky Kim said...

I love those clothes! And, as a grandma, I know that nothing makes me happier than doing something for my grandkids! I'm happy the whole time I'm working on whatever's on the sewing machine.

Alisa said...

They are so, so cute. I just hopped over here from Quilt Story. I have 5 children as well. They are 2,4,6,8,10. How old are yours?

CityHouseStudio said...

What a beautiful family!
Their Easter outfits are SO PRETTY!

Anonymous said...

Bliss looks nice a clothing as well as quilts;0) Darling children!

Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Wow, I can't believe all those outfits! So wonderful!!