Friday, May 28, 2010

Is it YOU?

Are you the winner of 5 of these patterns??

If you're name is
then yes!!!  Congratulations!

Not only does ktquilts follow us here, but she's also following our new blog, Quilt Story.  Are you? :)

We've been overwhelmed by your responses to the giveaways and the new blog, so thank you.  We did have some great assistance from the Blogger's Quilt Festival...but that didn't stop us from being full of ourselves all week.  Heather and I regularly talk about how many followers we have, and I had no idea how much my self-esteem relies on that number ;)

Hop on over to Quilt Story and see if you've won patterns over there or the fat quarter stack.  Also check out two of the quilts we featured this week, they are inspirational!

1 comment:

ktquilts said...

Wahoooo!!!!! Yes it is me!!!!! Glad you can't see me dancing! ;0)

Thanks so much, I will love them!