Friday, September 24, 2010


I want to make lots of monster creatures.
I made this little guy for our mom, and I guess I kinda invented him. He's crocheted, and I used this free ball pattern for his body alternating colors every four rows. His arms started with a chain four and increased to eight I believe for probably 5 inches. His eyes, mouth and ears are all made of felt and stitched onto his face. I was happy with this quirky little guy!
Our mom loves to host a Halloween party with loads of grandchildren. So I wanted to add to her cute decorations, and I love me a banner.

Using a cardboard template and rotary cutter I got my perfect triangles and sewed them to a ribbon. Using fusible web I traced the letters and ironed them accordingly. A good tip: If you aren't the best with your applique skills (me) it's awesome to use invisible thread. I think colored thread can make more of a statement, but until I can sew straight better, I'm sticking with invisible thread.

And there you go! Happy Halloween everybody, can't wait to check out all the goodies and eat a few too.

Let me know if you need any more specifics!
PS This was a re-post from last year, however it's probably new to you, right??? :)

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Lolly Jane said...

sooo cute!! i love him!