Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween mantel on a budget!!

I finished my mantel and it came together in probably 15 minutes...I was a happy little camper to say the least!  AND I probably spent $10 total.  (Some things I had from before.)  So here is what I spent and some little tips I've got, hopefully you can find something useful!
Halloween buckets stacked on top of each other: $1 each Target 1 spot.
Glittery haunted house: $3 Kirkland Home (are these anywhere else other than AZ?? Love it!)
Glitter skull: Dollar Tree, $1 :)
Black birdie: Present from my mommy
Old medical book: Free from my honey's school!
Black crow: Dollar Tree, $1
Skulls in apothecary jar: Dollar Tree, $1
Candy Corn in Walmart glass: Probably $2 for candy and $1 for the glass

Tip: REPURPOSE!  For 30 days you can mess up some of your other decor to make your mantel, table, etc. adorable!  The candle stick I spray painted and it is usually in my kitchen, I paid $3 for it originally.  The apothecary jar is usually in my bedroom with seashells.  I also tied some leftover fabric strips around the top of the lid.  And I left my little boys in the frame up...they aren't too spooky but I thought the gray frame still worked fine!
Spider: Dollar Tree, $1
Cute banner: From Ms SewSara herself
(there are so many tutes out there on how to make one of these cuties, so fast!)
Spider/web: Also from Ms SewSara!
There you have it!  My Halloween Mantel on a Budget!

What are your holiday decor on a budget tips?
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SewSara said...

cute cute, triple cute!!
great job ... i love all the details!
i want a mantle! ;)

oh and i remember now -- i made the banner for my window and it was too short, i think.
and i'd totally forgotten about the spider thing -- i found those at hyvee ... too funny. seems weird to think just last halloween we were still 'together.' *sigh*

QuilterMary said...

You've inspired me! Now to find my tub of "fall stuff" It really is time - even if it's still 80 outside.

Elizabeth D. said...

Cute! I'm dreadful at decorating for the fall, other than Christmas...but maybe it's because I don't have a mantle! You've inspired me to give some holiday decor a try this year!

Nanna said...

cute job on you decor decorating, I haven't had time to decorate much of anything yet lol

Van said...

Aw, so fresh and cute! Love the before and after!

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