Monday, March 22, 2010

Mini Makeover REVEALED!

Emphasis on the mini.

You see, we're moving in a couple of months...and my baby has been sleeping in an office with a crib. I finally decided I wanted to make a few little things to make it his own room. When I was debating whether to do it in my head, I realized I decorate for Christmas, Valentines, and all these things that are just weeks, so I could definitely do this!

I started with the idea for artwork, three cars/trucks:
I decided to get canvas from was about $7 for all three, I painted around the border since my walls are already white, and mod podged the cars on. I used inspirations from Pottery Barn to create the cars and traced it onto scrapbook paper.
The one below was intended as a police car, and I used the yellow just for color. But once I put the siren on I realized it kinda looks like a cab! Either one works though.
So here is the bedding and pillows which I did make all of them, but not recently. If you've been following our blog for a while, I showed off my older son Sawyer's room a bit ago here...see I am one of "those" moms. Before I had kids I vowed I would never be walking around with two babies (that weren't twins). Well guess what? I did it. My boys are 18 months apart and so Sawyer moved into the toddler bed and Oliver moved right into the crib!
And this old clock, I had a post about this here.
And this corner is just in case he forgets his name. Wow! That's what happens when you make crafts at different times with no plan of where they'll go. I also mod podged over that shelf, we had it sitting around with no use and it was too old to return, it worked perfect!

Here is where told how I made the memory tin that reads "Oliver" and here you can learn to make the name blocks too!
Consider it revealed! It looks so much nicer than before. Promise. And no, you don't see the other wall because it's a desk :) I think when we move I'm going to hang the artwork with ribbon on some bright orange knobs, would that be cute?


Gloria said...

Looks great! It certainly doesn't look like an "office" - it looks like a beautiful baby's room! Great job!
Best regards,

Kammy said...

Very sweet and the polka dots are darling !

SandyQuilts said...

Adorable. Our DD#2 will have a little girl in July. Her theme is teacups/pots and let me tell you those are almost non-existent. So we're going to borrow your idea for teacups/teapots. Thank you so so much for sharing and sparking ideas for us.

Amy said...

Adorable! Those trucks are so cute!

em's scrapbag said...

Very fun and creative.

Sophie said...

Ohhhh myyy! This is FABULOUS!! You did an amazing job, you should be so proud! I'm loving your blog, keep up the great work!

dee dee said...

How adorable!
Love the creative art work and bedding!
Dee Dee

followingtheroad said...

This is terrific. You really did a great job. I'm inspired to modge podge my son's shelves now.

LOVE the colors!

Jessi said...

Adorable! I love the car and truck canvases you made!

Sherry said...

How cute and original! Love this look.
Win Rachael Ray bake ware at my blog.

Dee said...

What fun to sleep here! I love all your creative ideas and repurposing things!

Spectacular Friday Finish!
Keep creating, I love your ideas!

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

Cute! I love how the simplest things can have such a big wow factor.

Anissa said...

Very cute baby room. Nice work!

Mary said...

This is so adorable! I love all the different projects, but I think the bedding is my favorite!

Karen said...

Absolutely fantastic!

Kristen said...

Adorable from top to bottom!

Rene' said...

Adorable room! I especially love the cars. Thanks for sharing.