Thursday, October 14, 2010

Spooky Runner

I am having so much fun this year increasing my Halloween year will be so fun when I open up my box and remember it all again.  (Isn't that the best?!)

A few of weeks ago Heather and I got a grab bag from Material Girl's Quilts in Utah.  We were gid. dy. (yes two words) when we saw that there was not only Halloween fabric involved but Boo to You by Riley Blake.

Of  course we knew we had to make a runner. 
 We both made a brick pattern.  I have a large brick pattern going across the middle of the runner.  On each side I have a smaller brick pattern running in the opposite direction.  I believe my larger rectangles are 5 x 8 and the smaller are 2 x 5.

And a scrappy binding.  My new fave.

Heather and I each made one right?  Well she sent me a picture of her finished runner via text and I noticed that she had enough fabric to make a good size runner using only the larger rectangles.


We supposedly split the fabric.

Who cut it you ask?

Do I have to answer?


Fiesta said...

Great runner!!

AnneMarie said...

So cute! Love the scrappy binding. Make sure to enter your runners in Gen X Quilters Spooky Quilt Contest!

You could win a gift certificate to Above All Fabric!

AnneMarie @ Gen X Quilters

CraftyMama said...

LOL - I'm guessing your friend cut it!

That is a very cute runner. Sorry you got the short end of the bargain. :)

grammajill said...

Way to throw fifi under the bus, nutmeg! It is VERY cute fabric, though. I wanted to steal some when you showed me.....maybe I did!

Kasey Lighten said...

LOVE this runnner!!! And the birdcage and pumpkins too! What a cute, festive house you have. :) LOVE it all!