Monday, December 13, 2010


First, this is Heather, and let me just write a quick THANK YOU!  Everyones kind wishes and comments for my birthday were so so so appreciated.  I love that I haven't met most of you in real life yet you'll still take time to write something nice.  I had a great birthday too, by the way :)  And remember, Megan's giveaway from her own fabric stash is still going through Friday.  Check this post out to see more and to see the fabric!

Hi, it's Megan now :)  We had such a good response last time I posted with a title including palooza, so what the heck, right?  I've got some pics of my own holiday decor that I wanted to share.  Let me remind you all that I'm the budget sister...with a hubby in school and two little ones, money is tight to non-existent!

I busted out all my Christmas things and to my horror I thought, "How on earth did I decorate last year?!?  This stuff is awful!!"  To be fair, we've moved, so that always throws a wrench in things.  I finally "finished" this past week and here's what I came up with.

For starters, my stockings!!!!  My sweet sisters made these for me as my Christmas gift. I was beyond giddy when I opened them.  These were the stockings of our youth!! I have mine somewhere, in a box, but these are so nostalgic for me :)  In the toe they added the snowflake and embroidered each of our names.  Love, love, love.

I did have to tease them a little.  My girl is WHITE.  Like pure white as snow.  My hubby and boys are a nice golden, but apparently felt doesn't come in "Caucasian".

I needed some height on the ends of my mantel, but honestly almost everything was out of my budget.  I found these at Hobby Lobby.  The candle and glass were 50% off each, totaling $5 for both.  Then I picked out a golden ornament, also 50% off for $1 and tied it all together with some tulle.  For that price I'm quite pleased!

In the middle I have three different glass vases and an apothecary jar.  These are just from around my house.  I filled them with ornaments I had from the past...ones that are glass and actually break. 

fabric is Groovy by Caleb Gray for Robert Kauffman

Here is a project a friend and I made.  If you look closely it is still missing the 0's and 5's, and I have my family name to add to the bottom :)  We got the idea a Pottery Barn advent calendar, I don't know if it is sold out but I can't find it to link it, sorry.  It turned out to be quite the ordeal to make, I'll have some pretty funny memories of putting this together!  I told my little boy that an elf comes every night and leaves candy for him until Christmas.  He checks first thing every morning.  And several times throughout the day :)

 The wreath and garland are from JoAnn's.  So cheap.  They do all their Christmas and holiday things on sale pretty much immediately.  It was all at least 60% off, less than $10 for all of it.

I guess just trust me, this is a great improvement from where I started!!

Thanks for stopping by :)


SewSara said...

i looked at the pictures really quick before i even read the whole thing(it's a blog fault i have) and at first i thought it was heather's mantle (cuz i saw the first sentence that heather was writing)and i was so confused by the stockings cuz i was like, wait ... who are all the boys? hehe ... now i get it. wow those are SERIOUSLY adorable!! i want to copy the idea for my family's stockings! are they all felt? I wish i could see them in real life. and i love that you are WHITE and the boys and E are golden -- ha!!

great looking mantle too!!

margie c said...

Beautiful mantel! I LOVE the stockings! How cute and so original! I too would be the only girl hanging there, lol!
Happy Monday!
hugs, margie

Heather said...

SUper duper precious and cute and classy and pretty and darling!

Ashlie Dalton said...

those are the cutest stockings i have ever seen!

pamela said...

Very, very cute!! You can come do my house. I don't like Christmas decorating very much. It make such a big mess and it is over in just a few weeks....

Elizabeth D. said...

Boy oh boy, do I wish I had a mantle! Yours is just lovely. I love Christmas decorations, they always make me feel so happy, and yours are no exception. Those stockings are just darling!! What wonderful sisters you have :) Happy Fabric Tuesday to you!

Kasey Lighten said...

Seriously classy Christmas! LOVE the stockings...and that they have sentimental value makes them even better! I also love the idea of ornaments in the jar...I should do that with all the ones my girls have pulled off the tree and are currently residing on the lone tree skirt. :)