Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Introducing Douglas McSheeperton!

Welcome my new friend


Isn't he just precious?

I made him over thanksgiving weekend. 

He seriously makes me smile, that sweet face!

I was drawing with my daughters a few weeks ago. I tried to draw a deer. It turned into a sheep. Instead of starting over, I was so happy with my sheep I kept at it.

 made this mini wall hanging yesterday. Late into the night. I found some perfect fabrics in my stash if I do say so myself. 

Much to my surprise the children are not fighting over him, I think I will hang him in my room...would that be weird? 

He is cold, even though is has a big wool coat, he needed a cute hat and scarf to keep really snug.

Anyhow, Douglas McSheeperton embroidery pattern is in our etsy shop. You can make your very own Mr. McSheeperton! It is a PDF pattern, meaning we will send you over email the pattern and you can get started on him immediately. Instant gratification!

Hope you love him as much as I do. Stitching was fun, I have already started a new project (to be revealed in a couple weeks!)



SewSara said...

awwww he's precious! i love that you named him douglas mcsheeperton. so cute!

we DO need to craft soon!!

Wendy said...

Wow that IS precious! I LOVE the scarf and he even looks like a Douglas. (Well to me anyway.)

Victoria Paige said...

He's adorable. I love it.

Pamela said...

Yes, the hat and scarf were a must. Even Misters like to accessorize sometimes. Adorable!