Monday, July 12, 2010

Adopt a Bird

While my house still looks like this....
I decided to do this...
While my boys did this....
Here's what I got!
Love how my ceramic piece turned out.  I was so tired of that mustardy yellow that matched nothing.

As for the frame and topiary...they still need some work.
I used a really fancy technique.  The bird had a lot of red in it, so I spray painted my finger and quickly ran it over the bird so I didn't get any finger prints.  Fancy right?  Maybe not the greatest paint job but I'm not counting on a close-up critique.

If GRAY is the new BROWN,

Then BIRDS are the new what?
...toll painted wood?
...raffia tied dry flowers?
...Yankee candles?

I decided it was about time I invested in some birds.  So I adopted some from my local Michael's crafts, all for only a couple bucks!

Here's this precious one who was in dire need of paint.
Honestly, I'm not too thrilled with the turnout, more bland than I was hoping.  I could re-paint it turquoise or white...or leave it.  What do you think?
I've got one more room to unpack and organize.  The office/craft room. 
Wish me luck.

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grammajill said...

Very nice! I love the bird white instead of shiney ceramic. You are so creative!!

House of Smith's said...

Okay... Just stop it RIGHT NOW! EVERYTHING is adorable!!!!!
WHERE did you get that blue damask plate!?!?!?!?
I NEEEED that plate! :)
~Shelley Smith

allsewnup said...

Very nice pieces.


Megan said...

Are you trying to kill me?! You went to Michaels! Maybe I'll stage a ginormous break down and come visit you:)

Where do you think I could get a bird in Kirksville?

Very cute.

SewSara said...

SO true -- birds are the new toll painted wood -- haha! very clever.
i love what you've done. I'm itching to spray paint something now.
miss you!!

creativedawn said...

Okay, call me crazy, but I'm reading the google reader about a poppy quilt and big the quilt by the way, and about a giveaway. I hopped on over here...where is the blog entry? WHOHOOOO! this is some kind of crazy....cannot find it! I know I'm on the right blog, because of the pic of the kids swimming and big baby is in the pic! rofl...what gives. Anyhoo, the ceramics turned out really lovely. I love the burgundy with gold bird! Great quilt again! I'll come back later today, couldn't get onto you etsy page either.
hugz, Pam

K.E.N said...

What is toll painted wood? Man, do I need help becoming a crafter or what? Your ideas are amazing.

Crystal said...

LOVE IT, MEGAN!!! I'll have to head down to our local Michaels and get me a bird or 2 ;)