Wednesday, July 7, 2010

FP Sisters v. Lake

I had a fabulous 4th of July weekend, mostly because I was reunited with (only one) of my sisters!!  Heather and I (Megan) got to meet up at Lake Powell in Arizona.  I just moved 1000+ miles and I am so much closer to my whole family now.  Plus I live in a city that has a Target.  Fab.

Heather insisted that she and I were first to go tubing.  Bring it.

Fresh Poppy Sisters 0, Lake Powell 1.

Can you tell which ones are siblings? ;)
The adorable bronze boys are mine, and the gaggle of girls and Big Baby are Heather's.  And I got to meet her baby for the first time!  Darling Mr. Weston.  Twas a pleasure.

Enough of the sentimental crap.  I've been itching to craft, quilt, sew, create, photoshop...and I am just holding myself back...trying to be responsible or something like that and get settled in my new place.  Instead I find myself folding laundry and organizing new cupboards while watching Forensic Files at 10 o'clock.  Boo.  Well that's all gonna stop because I got new quilt fabric.
Actually I have fabric for THREE quilts that are all in my head, 2 original patterns too. I might explode if I can't do some of this stuff soon!!  So while H and I met up I got scraps from her latest quilt and it completed my set. 

(By the way, you are all going to be barfing of cuteness all over the place when you see her new bird pattern.  It is being printed now!!)

Remember when I posted the half finished bedroom?  Well this is going to be my throw quilt for the bottom of our bed.
Lately I decided I really want to make a traditional block quilt using a modern layout and fabrics.  I've narrowed down my block choices, wanna help me decide? 

I found this cute quilt blog called Modify Tradition (is she reading my diary?  This is exactly what I want in my new quilt!) and  she has some great block tutorials.  Here it goes:

Forest Path OR Starflower OR Dutchman's Puzzle 
Remember I'm using the fabrics above with a white background.

Which is your favorite??
PS I'll probably link this bad boy up to some parties, so follow our tab above and join the fun!  And we are featuring a new quilt first thing tomorrow morning on QuiltStory, don't forget to stop by!


Anonymous said...

I like the forest paths :)

Rylee said...

Love the post. Funny as ever. I think I want the html code for the sentimental crap for my blog?

I vote Dutchman's path. Second Starflower.

SewSara said...

haha ... sentimental crap. you're funny, i miss you.
forest paths all the way.
or the dutchmans puzzle is my 2nd fav.

love the cousin pic :)

Sarah Marie said...

Forest paths... hands down!

Kendra said...

hard choice but I LOVE the starflower pattern. 2nd choice would be the forest path.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of the Dutchman's Puzzle block. I love the Modify Tradition blog, but for flying geese, I prefer the method that she links to for making them without wasted fabric. (Her link goes here.) With this method you'll make four flying geese at a time, and you won't waste fabric. You might also consider playing with the color placement. I really like the first variation link she provides at the end of her tutorial. (This one.)
Great fabric choices, by the way!

becca said...

those fabrics are beautiful!! and while I like all the blocks, i think it will be gorgeous with the forest paths!!

becca said...

those fabrics are beautiful!! and while I like all the blocks, i think it will be gorgeous with the forest paths!!

geeno said...

first of all - i'm having fits of jealousy over your trip to powell - oh how i long to be there...

second - i love the bedroom reveal - totally diggin that joel dewberry line, mmmmm

last, i've always been a sucker for pinwheels so it looks like forest path is winning.