Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm Dreaming AND a reveal...

It's official.  I am moving 1,400 miles away.  Whoa.  I have 10 days.

I recently made over my bedroom...although there are a few things I'd like to still do with it.  So,
today I was dreaming of all the things I could add to my new room once we arrive in Arizona.  See, I'm moving from what could be compared to a really crappy place to a really nice place.  I've got hardwood floors throughout.  Which means a lot of rugs.  And I'm finally ready for my room to be DONE!

For starters, I'd like this vanity for my room.

Wouldn't I look adorable in that chair working on my blogs?  (I would.)

Then I'd like this chair to be sitting in an opposite corner:
That's where my husband would sit and look adorable reading medical books...zzzzzz...

And for our feet, I've been swooning over so many amazing rugs, this is what I want to be the last thing my feet touch before I snooze:

New rugs by Ms. Amy Butler...there were sooo many cute ones I just couldn't decide.

So you want to see what this all matches??

My Kinda Bedroom Reveal.
This .jpg is titled shame.  This was at the start of my re-do.

PS Did I mention I did this in about 2 1/2 days??  I was crazy and decided to surprise my husband.  I started on Friday and he came home Sunday afternoon.

My fabric inspiration was Joel Dewberry's Deer Valley.
Call me a dumbo-head.  I have all these mirrored frames (to help with my accent color gray) and I didn't think about all the reflection possibilities.  I'm gonna work on that in my new place.
Imagine this:

  • slate gray duvet cover and matching shams behind my accent pillows

  • headboard raised a little

  • pieced quilt laid across the bottom with all my colors

  • an Amy Butler rug on my hardwood floors
that's the plan...
I showed in a tutorial here just exactly how I made those lamps.

And here I talked about re-making this memo board.

What did I do?
Here's the checklist:
spray painted headboard
stenciled and covered lamps
spray painted and stenciled memo board
spray painted a mirror and shadow box with my wedding bouquet inside (not pictured)
made 3 easy (no trim, just slip in the back) accent pillows
filled existing frames with photos
the pictures above the headboard are from our favorite vacation so far...the royal mile in Edinburgh Scotland on the left and Canterbury Cathedral in England on the right

Any tips?  Never share a half-finished project as a reveal in blog land.  It's in bad taste.  :)

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mandy said...

Just think of this as Phase 1! It's more inspiring for people like me to see such things in phases... this way I don't get overwhelmed and I actually think I have a fighting chance to tackle my own room! It looks great so far, can't wait to see the next phase!

Sew Much Ado said...

Oh I love it all, the pillows, the colors, it's all so cute! Good luck on your move to Arizona, we lived in Mesa for 4 years while my husband went to ASU, you'll love it... at least you will after the summer heat is over :).

Sara said...

nicely done, meg! i love before and after photos ... yay!

good luck on your move... hope to see you soon. xoxo

Brenna said...

I love that vanity! I want that for my room too!

Emily said...

fun projects. love the makeover. Love the wish list. I would look cute too in that chair blogging!

grammajill said...

Wow, Meg! I love what you have done. I hope we can move it all without any damage or loss. That's right you have the touch up paint..

Jill said...

I love the headboard!! What a difference!!

KennaCaroline said...

I day dream about all the things I want to buy too...super cute finds!

Rylee said...

Love love your projects! love the cute vanity and chair. You would look cute!

Heather said...

Love it all Megan. Super cute makeover. Love the color combos. Can't wait til you get out of your dump and you can make all your day dreams come true!

Kianna said...

I want it all too. I want that vanity desperately too :) And your cute fabric pillows!

Rebecca@This Present Life said...

Love the new headboard! And those fabrics you used for the pillows are awesome!

Amy said...

Will someone help me get my butt in gear? I need to make-over my bedroom/family room. Your room looks great!

Kasey Lighten said...

Seriously Fab Megan! Love the headboard, pillows, and especially the pics of your fav vacation spots. I love pretty things but love them even more when they have sentiment! Love it all, and good luck on the move...and the long drive with 2 little ones in particular. :) Be safe and can't wait to see you guys up here soon!

Julie said...

Megan, very cute! Once again you are amazing with all your talent. We are really going to miss you!!!

Ashleigh said...

Oh my goodness! I love this! All of the colors and fabrics are so perfect! I looooove the headboard! Fabulous job.