Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I can't throw parties

Of all the craftiness I do, it stops in the entertainment department. Besides the fact that I'm downright socially awkward, I can't think of anything creative when it comes to a party. So naturally, I told my friend I'd throw her a baby shower. I immediately enlisted my crafty friend Sara to help. We found this idea and I think it turned out great!
The banner I made in photoshop with cute scrappy things and printed it from my computer. We hole punched it and tied them together with ribbons, fabric pieces and tulle. It's my favorite part :) (It says She's About to POP!)
It all stopped at this picture though. Popcorn, pop tarts, soda pop, lolly pops, tootsie pops, bubble gum (pop). No creative games or music...I just had a pretty table to show! Ha!
PS If you have any questions about how-to, let me know!!


Morgan said...

Who is about to pop...but I think you did a greta job! Very cute!

Sara said...

that was fun huh?!
i guess we should add that our friend has already 'popped' - -haha!

too bad the popcorn bucket on the left never looked full. that was quite the fiasco w/ the caramel flavor. oh well :)

Heather said...

you totally can throw parties. Love the banner. I want to make one!

Katherine said...

Very cute idea!

{ L } said...

I would say your rocked this party! You CAN TOO do them. ;)