Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No. I. Didn't.

We moved.  And had to leave behind our entertainment center.  And we wanted a new TV.  What's this a recipe for?  Compulsive refreshing on craig's list. 
(There are hundreds of posts of furniture in my area daily!!)

So I snatched this little gem up.  We wanted something that was tall so our boys couldn't get to the tv, check.  (The power button on this tv has been snapped off from repeated torture.)  We also wanted something with storage, check.  We wanted something sturdy, solid oak, check.  Oh and something that I could paint, check.  And cheap, check.

Afters many hours and extreme heat, I give you our new tv console:
(because console is way cooler than entertainment center)

Okay, I love it.  So much cleaner, fresh and happy than before and DEFINITELY better than the card table we were using.

Here's what I did.

I purchased everything at Lowe's.  (No I was not paid to say that, but desperately wish that I was!)

  • removed doors and all hardware
  • cleaned everything with soapy water and dried
  • applied Klean-Strip Sander Deglosser, twice (left)
  • one coat of Valspar Primer (latex)
  • two coats of Valspar Glossy paint, color Du Jour (latex)
  • attached new hardware
  • hot glued in fabric
  • adorned with extra large tv

oh, and I spray painted my hinges black!  I didn't want to mess with trying to find the right size.
Let's talk about this fabric.
Before the insert was embossed glass with designs...not my style and hard to cover.

I thought a lot about what I would use to cover those doors, and though initially I thought fabric, I kept it deep down for fear of being mocked for my dumb idea :) 

One magical night, soon after it had dried, I teasingly placed a piece of fabric over the empty space.
{insert heavenly choir}
Not only did I LOVE the look....but remotes work through fabric!!!

The long and short of it is, I cut a piece of fabric about 1 inch larger in width and height than the size of the hole.  I would squirt a section of hot glue with my left hand and follow with my right hand adhering the fabric.  In the end I went around and trimmed the excess fabric.  Eventually I'd like to get some trim or piping and glue it around the inside edge to give it a more finished look.

Originally the right side was intended for a tv.  We're using it for more storage.

These boxes are from Ikea.  They are made to fit about 15 dvds each, it is $5 for 2 boxes.

There you have it!  I have another painting project (kitchen table and chairs) and I've got all the stuff....but I need a painting hiatus.

I will definitely be linking this project up!  Make sure to check out these parties!


Lisa said...

OMG!! I love it!!! Another thought I am so glad I am not the only one constantly refreshing craigslist.

SewSara said...

holy crap, megan!
i hate you right now, that's so perfectly cute!!! i loooooooove it. you did a fabulous job and look at the inside- how organized are you!?
great job! you better get tons of comment love for this one.
and that new tv? -- jealous!!

Michelle said...

That looks so much better now that it's painted. Not that it was bad before, but I'm constantly shocked by what paint can do.

grammajill said...

When on earth did you find the time to do this , after 10:00 pm? And AZ heat? I am very impressed even if it didn't look gorgeous! You can see a lot in an old console! Great job! And it should not chip because you followed all the rules!

AnneMarie said...

LOVE IT!!!! I am also a huge fan of painting/staining furniture - fortunately my hubby likes to make the furniture and I get to finish it. Fantastic job! You've given me new ideas about adding FABRIC to furniture. Look out!

Lindsy Carranza said...

Omigosh! I lOVE IT!!!! So crisp and soooo much better! I love the feet! Which I didn't notice them until the after picture. Fantastic job!!! If I saw the before somewhere I never would have bought it but if I saw the after I definitely would! Great eye :)

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

How cool is that! Good job :D

Christen said...

I am coming over from Sara's blog. You have amazing talent! I would love to do something like this, but am always too scared. I might have to take the plunge, though. Great work!

SugarBooger said...

Ooohhhh I LOVE IT! Very nice!

pinkstilettos said...

THis is so adorable....I just got a great piece of furniture that I need to refinsh and I love how you did the fabric wallpaper. I might just have to try this out!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Turned out great! Love & blessings from NC!

Dawn W said...

WOW! Amazing change - wish I had that vision. It looks great! (And I received my pattern in the mail - love that too - thank you so much!)

Laurie-Jean said...

Such a fresh clean looking transformation. Love the material you chose to adorn the doors. Wishing I had a big enough vehicle to haul some "to be" treasures.:) You should be proud of the work you did to create this beauty!

Polly @ Make Mine Beautiful said...

Wow, what a makeover! I'll never look at that 1970s style furniture the same way again. My mom has a house full of it!

I'm on a new hunt for some of it now!

Nikki said...

Wow! Looks did a wonderful job.

I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes said...

LOOVE this! I just bought an armoire I was thinking of doing the same thing too! How fun!! It looks great!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Wow, this really looks great!

Delilah said...

This is so beautiful. this is exactly what I have visioned for my living room and I have a piece of furniture to transform as well. Maybe I will take the plunge. Thanks for posting this!

Ellie said...

It looks great! So much better than the original. I love the remotes-work-thru-the-fabric tip!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

It looks so much better now. So fresh and updated. You could easily change out the fabric too. I'll have to give the liquid sander product a try; it seems so much easier than sandpaper. Great job.

Morgan said...


Morgan said...

Oh-did you take the glass out of the thing? I need to know this! CRAIGSLIST STINKS SOOOOO BAD OUT HERE!

Kimbo West @ a girl and a glue gun said...

do you think the person who sold this to you on craigslist is going , CRAP! I could've turned that old thing into something beautiful!....cause that's what I am thinking about everything I have ever sold on craigslist like that! TURNED OUT FANTASTIC!